Arpsoft boasts a long-standing experience in navigation and TT&C systems, consolidated in prestigious Italian and foreign institutions, such as NASA-JPL, Sapienza University of Rome and INAF. We have worked on many important ESA and NASA missions, such as SMART-1, Cassini, JUNO, BepiColombo, JUICE, Dawn.

The company was estabilished in 2010, with a contract on DDOR from the European Space Agency in collaboration with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale of Sapienza University. In particular, Arpsoft played a major role in the development and testing of the European Delta-DOR S/W correlator, currently used for the navigation of ESA’s deep space spacecraft. Currently, Arpsoft is undertaking several studies on TT&C and deep space tracking systems, and is responsible for the maintenance of the European DDOR software correlator and the Radio Frequency Interference Assessment Tool (RFIAT).